Our Service Units


This department leads the congregation in effective praise and worship at major events of the church calendar. The Leader organizes praise and worship during the evening church programmes by ensuring choir personnel is available to sing and play instruments. This is done in conjunction with the HOD in charge of such programmes. The P&W leader shall be present at all such events. He takes overall control of the department.

  • To envision and mobilise the Church workforce towards evangelism/mission – Psalm 68:11
  • To organise teaching and training of workers in Evangelism/Mission e.g. Seminars; Conferences etc.
  • To devise Evangelistic strategies to penetrate people groups/communities and its implementation e.g. Prayer walk
  • To seek opportunities for local, national and International mission outreaches e.g.
    • Mission to refugees
    • Mission to orphan
    • Relief to the afflicted (e.g. natural disasters, war zones etc. )
    • Projects
  • To work in co-operation with the Pastoral Team
  • To encourage and support members with gifts of Hospitality, Mercy, Giving, Helps etc. in developing their ministries and seeking opportunities to fulfil them.


This group is called the Prayer Warriors or the Intercessors. This is due to the obligations fostered on them. Though every Christian has the obligation to pray, this group is specifically saddled with the obligation to pray for the church and “lift up the hands of Moses” – the Moses in this case being the Pastor-in-Charge at various levels of administration of the church. Praying constantly for the church. Voluntarily and personally waiting on God with self-denial e.g. fasting to seek God’s face. Standing in the gap for individual members of the church who are facing challenges.


The ministry of the usher goes far beyond opening a door. The purpose of an usher is to represent Christ to all that come to worship at the Church. In a sense, they serve as the hosts of the building in which believers and strangers gather to seek God. This purpose alone expresses the privilege and responsibility that falls to a church usher.


This department is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of Wednesday teaching and Sunday school classes. The coordinator oversees the effective teaching of Sunday school lessons as laid out in the universal teaching booklet supplied by the church. He must be in attendance at all District organized lessons.

The group is made up of trained, educated and informed workers who regularly assist the Pastors to educate the church morally and spiritually. Their impact on church spiritual growth is highly critical.

In the District, the teaching department comprises the Sunday School Unit and the Children/Youth Teachers. The teaching department also includes units like the Believers/Baptismal Class and Grower Class.

  1. Keeping the children busy by gainfully engaging them, and preventing them from wandering and loitering during the service.
  2. Providing qualitative Christian education for the children in the church.
  3. Organising special children events that can impact positively on their lives.
  4. Counselling the children on academic, intellectual and spiritual matters.
  5. Modelling them to be able to grow and mature in all aspects of their lives
  6. Assisting them in prayers to be able to overcome personal struggles.
  7. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastorate.


Mercy and Helps is the eye and the ear of the church in ministering to the needy amongst us. It is the responsibility of this department to assist in raising funds for church projects aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the poor, widowed, orphans and the like inside and sometimes outside the local assembly. This is attained in conjunction with the Welfare and the Missions department respectively.


This is another department that works behind the scene, unnoticed until something goes wrong with the microphone, the speaker or any of the public address system. This unit is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that all the public address systems at the venue of a church event are working all the time.

The department is responsible for the setting up of audio and video equipment for church recording, organizing the use of the duplicating machines, responsible for sound and video quality control and for the operation of visual aid equipment.

Apart from setting up, it is responsible for the procurement and proper maintenance of every technical equipment used in this dept. It disseminates recorded sermons and programmes to the church members via the bookshop.


This is the department that organises welfare and harnesses all available resources within the church to provide for the needy in the church.

The department is also responsible for the welfare of all members, especially absent and new ones. This department shall make phone calls and arrange visits to incapacitated members or those who for certain reasons have been absent from services. This department shall work closely with the Ushering dept. to discover such members. The visit will be facilitated with a Minister in the church. The head of this department with the Protocol Officer and a Minister formally welcomes new members to the church and engage in a short prayer for such members before departure after service. In close co-operation with the ushers and the protocol dept. the Head devices the most respectable way of welcoming and accommodating home and guest Ministers.


Evangelism is said to be the heartbeat of God, and it is the Great Commission. The church has the obligation to carry out this mandate. In order to achieve this, the church must develop realistic strategies and be well organised in her efforts. The Evangelism Department helps to organise and manage church resources in respect of this. This department comprises other subunits such as Drama group and Follow-up group. It is headed by a Head of Evangelism.


Protocol and Admin department work in co-operation with the other departments of the church to ensure the smooth running of the church administration, giving advice where necessary to make certain that the church runs on sound biblical methods of church governance.

It organizes and encourages the complicity to adopted regulations regarding language of communication, sitting arrangement, time keeping, good practice, general church etiquette etc. thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to proper worship and teaching.

All current Heads of Departments are to take turns in familiarizing themselves with the all-important role as Sunday Duty Ministers until further notice.


Publication – act of making information known to the public.

The department is responsible for the publicity of all church events inside and outside the church. It uses all decent means available to broadcast major events into all desired areas as agreed with and directed by the church pastoral team or event’s organizing team. It is also responsible for the compilation and production of pastoral messages used as welcome gifts for new members as well as the church’s newsletters – weekly and monthly.

The production of ‘Testimony Times’ a monthly chronicle of God’s miracles in the church, district and zone is under planning.


Called out to stand as the giant killers of this time, this department takes a very active role in church administration. The men’s department organizes indoor seminars and outdoor events for its members as an opportunity to meet and disciple believers and non-believers alike.


The Good women ministry minister purposely to the hearts of women on issues relating to the challenges of today’s complex and challenging society. It nurtures young women and encourages the weary to become today’s champions and tomorrow’s virtuous mentors.

  • Dealing with maintenance of our building/infrastructures
  • Car parking issues
  • Security of our Church building
  • Environmental cleanliness of our surroundings e.g. grass cutting, lights
  • Repair/replacement of damaged part of the building

  • General co-ordination of family activities/ministries
  • To promote, enhance and strengthen marriages
  • To promote and support good parenting
  • Singles Ministry
  • Mature Singles
  • Junior Singles
  • Single Parent Network